Larrawa Station to Derby via Fitzroy Crossing

Got a big drive today as we need to be be in Derby by Wednesday as we are booked on to the Horizontal Falls trip on Thursday. We get up and off early as the drive is about 500 kms. And as usual we split the driving and Kaz is the morning driver who get's the pleasure of getting us to Fitzroy Crossing.
At the Crossing we visit Geikie Gorge which for us is a pretty sad place, there is an obnoxious weed that is killing all the trees meanwhile the rangers we seen were busy raking up leaves. We thought they might be better spraying this weed and or digging it out or well at least have a go at fighting the bloody thing. We did a couple of walks but the vibe was not good and we thought with our long drive ahead that we shouldn't have bothered.
We then visited an Aboriginal refuge shelter for women who now produce art works using mainly fabrics. Shame to see these women who have been treated like crap by idiots. Bit of a downer this town so we fuel up and get back on the road.
I now have the pleasure of driving to Derby where we will stay for 3 nights. The road is long and feature less and the signs saying "Dosey drivers die" makes sense. Adding to the fun is that practically from 10 am it has been mid 30's to 37 degrees by the afternoon and crazy bright sunshine to drive in to so HOT. We figure that we will drive a good bit of it then stop and grab a wee lunch but bloody hell, there are not many rest areas. finally a stop arrives and we get in scoff our lunch then get back on the road from hell. The oasis of Derby appears and in we get to the Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park our home for the next few days. The two guys who own and run this place are very good and the welcome they provide is reassuring. We get set up and straight in to the showers and get the road grime off. Tonight we are treating ourselves to chicken tikka Masala, Rice and garlic nan thank you. Oh and mibees a wee refreshment. The evening is short and as we have a real busy day tomorrow and we are knackered as we hit the hay early.

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