Lake Argyle to Kununurra

Leaving day heading to Kununurra which will is one of our shortest drives and Kaz has lucked on to today being her turn to drive. Luck was not on our side yesterday. As a huge full size but converted to sleep in arrived loaded with a German tour group. The thing was like a transformer and seemed to have even the tourists travelling in the bus helping to put the thing together with poles and beams and a huge curtain covering one side of it. They managed it though and we were pretty impressed. That was until this morning at around 5am when the bus was being taken apart again and people were talking as if they were in Burke street Melbourne at 4 pm. The entire camp was now awake due to the sound of steel girders and poles clattering to the ground without a care. We decide to get up and join the chat about the noisy bus but then get on with packing up and getting on the road. Today we are heading to Kununurra where we will grab some supplies.

We hit the road back out on the single track road we came in on and in no time we have reached the highway and get to Kununurra. We treat ourselves to breakfast at a local cafe and our phones start to chirp telling us we have phone service for the first time in ages. Then it’s off to the local information stop for the good oil as we head west. Loaded with maps and info it’s back in the car fuel up and we decide we will depart the town and head for Derby but this will take us a few days and we reckon we will get there on Thursday. We are using WikiCamps a lot as we travel and it has been really good for getting up to date feedback on places and has worked out well for us every time. We luck on to another Roadhouse which is about 200 kms south of the Argyle Lake Resort we started at and it’s feedback is really good so we decide we will stop there good or bad as the heat is really up there today and we could do with getting out of it.
We arrive at the Doon Doon Roadhouse and its the usual petrol station with a padock out back with camping which is free amazingly and tons of room for vans and motor homes of all sizes. We can have an unpowered site for free!! But we opt for a powered site with water for $12.50 per head which means we can run our aircon as long as we want. The people here are very good and easy to deal with and we have no trouble getting set up. We will stay here for just one night and head out early and avoid some heat but not too early as the roadkill games will be running just after day light. We have been lucky or our roo shoes are working as we have only smashed one Kangaroo and it was already dead on the road but the nose was sticking up and it got clobbered as we drove over it. A noise that takes a bit of getting out of your head.

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