Lake Argyle – Last Day

We decided we would get some exercise today and got our boots on and headed across the road from the camp where there is a relatively easy climb which takes us high above the lake and we get a great view of the dam and the ord river which is on the opposite side and contains more salt water crocs so no swimming in there for us. We get to the top all to easily and on our return decide to get the car out and drive across the top of the dam then go down to the lake for a swim. It is absolute bliss and the water temperature is just perfect. Later on after we have eaten we get down to the bar and it’s open mic night tonight. A few brave souls get up and then a few more obviously deaf people get up until a young dude from Canada called Nelson takes to the stage and he is just amazing both on the guitar and also sings his own songs with some style, sass and attitude. He had a sort of David Byrne of Talking Heads thing happening. If he was selling cd’s we would been at the top of the line. The guy did four songs and made all the rest seem a bit dreary with a heard it before sort of vibe. We left soon after but wished Nelson was on all night. Quote of the night was when Nelson came of stage and a girl asked him him if he had performed before, DOH. What do you reckon luv?

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