Lake Argyle – Day 2

Not sure if its the time change but we are awake at 5.30 am which is really 7.00 am NT time. We get up and have breakfast then watch as people start to pack up the various vans, motor homes, tents and swags. Most of them not caring how much noise they are making although it is impossible to be quiet when packing up.

Not sure why we have never heard of this place as it is breathtaking and is Australia’s largest man made freshwater lake with a surface area of 1000 square kms and a shoreline of over 900 kms. It is also home to an estimated 30,000 freshwater crocs, tortoise and more than 270 bird species. The Argyle diamond mine is also not far from here.
Lake Argyle is privately owned by the Sharpe family who have been here since the dam construction in 1973. A documentary was filmed here by David Attenborough which would be worth finding.
We have been told that the sunset cruise is not be missed so we get down to the office and grab a couple of spots. Great thing with this place is that there is not a lot to do outside organised tours, so we will spend lot’s of time in the amazing infinity pool, generally lounging around and Kaz will read another fifty books no doubt.

All too soon cruise time arrives and we get down to the pick up area where the bus takes us across the dam wall on a really narrow road then u turns and heads down a crazy steep rock littered road to board the boat. The boat is called the Kimberley Durack and is a real swish design and very powerful. We head out in to the lake and the scale of the place becomes apparent, it really is a jaw dropper. The crew takes us on a croc hunt and it’s not too long before we see some and this is the same lake we will be swimming in later? Not to worry though these are only freshies they tell us as usual. We cruise round a tiny part of the expanse of water spotting various wildlife and then as the sun starts to go down the complimentary snacks and drinks appear and it’s free for all. The anchor is dropped and everyone gets in to the lake for a swim. No health and safety stuff here as even the life saving ring is used a drinks tray and floated out in to the crowd. People are also not stopped from climbing on to the roof and jumping or diving in. We decide this looks great and I get the GoPro on and head for the roof where it looks a bit higher than it did from the water but I man up set the camera to record and launch myself off and drop like a stone whilst making sure the GoPro will not take my nose off as I plunge below the surface. I resurface and get a good shot of both the boat and Kaz who took a pick of me as I dropped from the roof. Kaz is not a fan of heights but I talk her in to getting up the ladder to take the jump as well. Getting her brave on and in no time she launches her shaking legs off the edge and crashes in to the water then re surfaces shaking but glad to have managed it. We then join the masses for a casual swim as the crew throw us some noodles to float on and then throw a beer to both of us as we are swimming. Only in Australia we reckon. Very quickly it is time to get back on the boat as the sun is setting and everybody wants that sunset photo including us, even though we have lost count of how many sunrises and sets we have witnessed. As the sun disappears the skipper gets the hammer down and the boat powers back to the bus for the climb back up to the park. If ever you get the chance to get here make sure you take the cruise it is certainly another highlight of our trip. We go to the bar for a nightcap and the there is a guy on playing guitar and singing some more up to date songs and with the usual true blue added as a crowd pleaser.
We also head to the office and add another night to our stay here. We will now be here until Monday the 21st before we move on to Kununurra for a night. We will then head south west heading for Broome on the WA coast but we will take about three or more days to do this via Derby amongst others.


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