Doon Doon to Larrawa Station

Bit of a noisy night last night, as like all road houses this one is pretty close to the highway and there were a few cattle trucks thundering past. We are up early and on the road by 7.15. Today we will do about 400 kms and will split the driving as we head south on the Great Northern Highway past Halls Creek. This will take us halfway to Derby where we need to be by Wednesday as we are booked on an all day trip on Thursday to the Horizontal Falls.
The road is pretty busy a mixture of both livestock and dead stock roaming around. Some on and others close to the road. We have horses, brumbies, cows among the living with kangaroos, wallabies and a cow on the dead stock side. Kaz proves herself adept on this slalom course and avoids them all. We arrived in to Halls Creek and plan a longer stop than usual with a decent coffee at the information centre and also to fuel up. This place is not gonna make it on to TripAdvisor it seems to be regional Aboriginal town but might be a good base for touring. We grab some info, check out the shop and grab a couple of coffees which are not the best.
Back on the road and after an uneventful but hot drive of 36 degrees, we arrive at our overnight stop of Larrawa Station, this is a working cattle and sheep station and is 4 kms off the main highway on to a corrugated dirt road. This place is very cheap at $20.00 a night including water, showers, toilets and a camp kitchen. We go o the station house to pay and Barry is originally from Geelong West, worked for Faggs and was with them when they became a Mitre 10. He now lives in Queensland and has been at the station for 2 months in a care taking role. Barry tells us of a swimming hole on the property and it’s only 1 km across the property. As it is hot we decide that it is too good to miss and set off for a cool swim. Well ffs, Baz needs to rethink his distances coz that walk is more like three kms and the water hole is the low end of a dried up river bed. Worse than that we now have to walk back again in searing heat. We semi march back and in to a cold refreshing shower which we should have done instead of the long walk we just suffered through steaming cattle shite. Do I sound happy, lol.
We have a couple of bottles of water each and cool off as the sun sets over the station and we have the now usual starry night before we turn in.

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