West to WA

Today we mark a milestone as we start to head out of the Northern Territory and head to the WA border. We will make one last stop in the NT and stay at the Victoria River Road House. This is a pretty short drive of 200 km. As the name suggests it will be a no frills kinda stop and there will be no swimming in the river due to crocs as usual. We get breakfast cooked and scoffed then hit the road.

We arrived at the road house in no time and as said earlier it is pretty basic but huge and as we are early we get too choose where we park again. As it is HOT, we try a couple of spots which are a toss up between shade and or level ground. We opt for a bit of both but mostly shade and get to use our Aldi leveller thingy which works a treat. We also have the luxury of not unhooking the van from the car and a drive through site, so no reversing needed except to remove the leveller from one side before we leave in the morning. As there is nothing to do here we just chillax and watch all the other people arrive and try to get the best spots. By mid afternoon the heat is hitting hard and we go soft get in the van and get the aircon on max. When we eventually come back out there have been a lot of arrivals, one of which is a group of five in a very small van made up of one male and four females. They seem to be from all over the place with multi languages spoken as well as English. Interesting that woman can talk just as much in a second language as their own native tongue. As darkness falls we turn on our bling strip LCD lights and light up the camp like the MCG, lol. It’s good to be sitting outside in the now slightly cooler air and sink a couple of sunset drinks under the stars. Well that’s what we thought as big giant flying bug things arrive to spoil things and as Kaz reacts super bad to bites we retreat indoors and luckily we manage to get one channel on the telly and we watch the box before getting our head down as we have a bit of a large drive tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “West to WA

  1. Janet – here from Perth. Been following your blogs and holidays, bringing up lots of memories. I mentioned to Karen a must is Emma’s Gorge when you get to Kununurra. The walk in is fantastic and you will so love the swimming hole. I am so jealous – cold and wet down here in Perth. Hopefully the weather will be good by the time you arrive.

    Happy travelling…..

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    1. Hey Janet, we left Kununurra and just did supplies and had breakfast. We are in Doon Doon already, very hot as usual. Look forward to catching up.


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