Friday 12/08/2017 Mount Bundy Station

Up sharp today and on the road by 8 am. Not driving far today, about 250km heading to the Mount Bundy Station which is not far from the town of Adelaide River which we passed on the way north to Darwin a while back. We get there pretty fast and we get chatting to the woman at the reception who has received some poor feedback vie WikiCamps that we use a lot but we find her really great to deal with and she gives us a fantastic site with an open view to the paddocks with heaps of animals in and it is also right next to the crocs free swimming pool. We picked this site as it is one of the best locations for us to tour Litchfield National Park which is on our to do list.

Mount Bundy station was originally 1.1 million acres and was home to the Hardy Bros who were a group of buffalo hunters and Fred Hardy who was killed in a horse race on the property and is actually buried on a hill which overlooks the station. When Darwin was bombed in 1942 the military used the station as a base as they withdrew from the city.
Since 2007 it has been owned by Scott & Sue Witham and family who run Brahman cattle. They also have horses, large and small including a Shetland pony and Nigel the very friendly bull as well as a host of visiting wildlife. The acreage has been much reduced as it formed what was and is, both Kakadu and Litchfield parks which are now state ran and managed.
At reception we are informed of the happy hour time and that wood fired pizza is on tonight. Large is ordered half n half for 6pm thank you. Another bonus is that there are no fewer than 5 different singers on tonight so that could be either magic or tragic, we like a bit of both. We head in to Adelaide River and grab some supplies and then we spot the local pub and it would be a shame not to. In we get and two frothier are ordered and “have a look at the menu” says the the barkeep and we decide to order 1 burger with fries etc as every time we order two things it turns out we should have shared one. The one turns up and we have made the right decision and split it in half. We of course are not forgetting that we have a large pizza on order back at the station and happy hour of course. We head back and jump straight in to the pool which is cold as but once in it is heaven and takes the heat off our hot heads.
Time has flown and we head up to the bar and not a minute to soon, happy time is here and $4.00 & $5.00 cans are the go. Kaz has the latter of the two and I slum it on the $4.00 special. The entertainment has begun with an Australian country singer who is from Geelong and is giving it the “hey true blue” number. Pizza arrives and its a whopper, perfect for a family of two. Geelong gives it a few more country type songs, one of which he wrote, which was eh, nice.
Next up is the real talent and if we are lucky will live long enough to finish a song. The collective age of what seems to be a travelling bunch of good intentions would take you back the Stone Age. Things improve though as a woman is up next and she is actually pretty good at a couple of her many songs (country stuff again). The star of the show is up next and he IS very good, has a real upbeat delivery, ads a bit of patter in between songs and later on plays the spoons!!
While we were taking in the show and the pizza, we were joined by a couple at our bench and as is normal, we got chatting. They were holidaying in Australia, had flown in to Perth from Holland, hired a Pajero and hit the road. They were on the last few days of their trip, were really great company and were having an absolute blast driving around. As it was getting pretty late, like 9.30 we decide to pull the plug and head off to the warbling sound of “like a rhinestone cowboy” a tribute to the late Glen Campbell. A big day of driving and touring tomorrow.

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