Day 3 – Florence Falls & Buley Rockhole

Today we set off back to Litchfield Park as there are a few more things we want to get to. First of those is the stunning Florence Falls, we walk down the 135 steps and are greeted by twin waterfalls and a fantastic swimming spot with lots fish joining in the fun. The place is really well looked after and has immaculate changing rooms and toilets which are again spotless. There are also multiple picnic tables fully shaded from the crazy heat. We get in there and get the GoPro on and do some filming both on top and under the water. We spend quite sometime here before we grab our lunch and head for the shaded tables to eat.
Next up we drive the short distance to Buley Rockhole which has the same amazing facilities and the swimming here is a little different as the falls are smaller but multi layered and the pools at the bottom are very deep and diving in is the order of the day, even though there are loads of warning signs telling people not to do this. There are a group of three guys who are drinking lot’s of Jack Daniels and coke cans and as the day and drinks continue they get to throwing cans for each of them to dive at and try to catch before plunging in to the deep water hole below. It had to happen, one of them slips and gets smashed on to the rocks he was standing on and gingerly get’s to his feet but that had to hurt. Before too long time has caught up with us and we have to get back to the station and get prepped for leaving as we head back to Katherine. Footnote of today is always check under the seat of the toilet before using, yes that is a frog in the shitter.

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