Back to Katherine

Back on the road today and heading back to Katherine. No Tourist stuff planned as we need to stock up on supplies. We stayed here before but this time we are staying at a different park. Shady Lane is another Top Tourist site and with that we get a member discount. This park is way better than the previous one, has the cleanest facilities we have seen and the sites are huge with both grass and concrete slabs. We get a washing done and dried in the the 35 degree heat.
Katherine itself has not changed and has the usual Aboriginal people everywhere but the town centre has a dirty feel about it with trash lying around.
We have to wait until 2pm until the local Coles open up the bottle shop for the usual 5 hour chance to buy alcohol. The police are on guard and we have to show photo I.d again before being allowed entry. Interestingly white people can reverse a truck up and buy every bottle in the store but if you are Aboriginal then you get 20 questions asked by the police and you and are still limited in what you can purchase, if you are allowed to buy at all. I guess the police know what they are doing as it seems to be a huge problem here in Katherine.
We get everything done, including laughingly trying to wash some of the red dust off the car but this stuff is stuck like glue. We have a quiet night and a well timed rest.

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