Jabiru Touring

Second day here and we have a busy day. First up is another ranger guided walk this time with ranger Phoebe who like the previous days ranger stays in Jabiru for the dry season and then returns to the ACT to get work doing anything that pays.
Today she will walk us through the Nourlange region which features a 1.5 km circular walk which has more Aboriginal art sites, some of this is kinda, yep seen it, jog on. Next we have a moderate climb up to Gunwarddehwardde lookout which has amazing views over the Kakadu escarpment and the savannah woodland below and is well worth the climb. We decide we will beat all the tour groups and oldies off the top and get to the next spot which is the Anbangbang Billabong. Sounds like a terrorist training camp but is in fact a huge wetland with the climb we just did rising above us. Here we get our first look at the bird the town takes its name from, the Jabiru, a very strange looking critter which looks like all the left overs were collected, added together and this is the result. It’s a kind of big heron thingy, see the pic and decide for yourself.
Anyhow, the walk round the Billabong is 2.5 km, it is already hot and all around there are the now familiar warning signs but this time different. These signs have photo’s of croc’s seen lying on the grass exactly where we are walking. We think ffs, this is getting a bit crazy, no swimming and now we can’t even walk due to these monsters. Amazingly there are two lots of school kids walking round making so much noise the crocs will be scared away for sure. We march on and get to the end unscathed and head straight for the next challenge, a 300m climb up Nawurlandja look out a moderately steep slope which we conquer in no time. We get a wee laugh as we arrive at the top with a French couple who take up a position on a huge rock. We do the same but on a different rock. It is absolute bliss for about five minutes as we look down and see a large group heading up the climb to spoil the silence and everyone’s Zen moments. Luckily enough for us they are French and make a b-line for the Frenchies rock and leave us on our rock in absolute peace where we dig in to our lunch and have a chuckle as the poor couples isolation is ruined and they walk off defeated by their own country folk. With lunch scoffed and the sun really bloody hot we make a wise choice and head back to the resort and yes, straight for the pool to cool off and a well earned wee swally and plan our next couple of days as we as usual have nothing booked, are free travelling and taking our chances.

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