Jabiru – Kakadu Park

Today is a funny kinda day, we are reluctantly leaving Darwin but happy to be back on the road. We have a pretty easy drive of just over 200kms to the town of Jabiru which is part of the heritage listed and protected Kakadu National Park. The drive is pretty easy with the now usual speed limit of 110, we have seen 130 around Katherine. We of course are not getting close to that whilst towing but it’s great when we are van free and lets us get around a bit faster. We are yet to pass and I don’t think we will, overtake a road train. These things can be up to 50 meters long and provide a shockwave as they pass going in the opposite direction.
In no time we reach the Kakadu resort and get booked in for a couple of nights. The park is very good with big wide spots to park in and lots of well looked after grass. We also get the bonus of driving straight on to the space and also we are free to choose any site we like. This is a good thing but turns us in to a couple of kids in a sweetie shop and we drive round wondering “this one or maybe this one” for a while and finally a wee shady spot catches our eye and we get straight in and set up. The temperature will be 36 to 37 degrees for the entire time we are here but luckily the humidity is low. Next job is of course budgie smugglers on and in to the huge covered pool. It’s nice to be able to swim without the worry of croc’s having you for a meal.
As we take our first dive to cool of I do a double take and who is in the water but the couple we keep meeting from way back in Alice Springs and Darwin, yes folks it’s Darren and Jane who it turns out have been in Jabiru for the last four days and are leaving the following day heading south to Mataranka and Queensland back to Victoria. They give us a tip not too miss the high tide at Cahill Crossing where the Croc’s arrive at high tide to have an easy fish dinner. We say our goodbyes and wish them well.
We are in luck here as tonight there is a slideshow in camp by one of the local Aboriginal Rangers and we head down there after having sunset cocktails. We walk in with our chairs and find a great spot and who walks in, yes folks it’s Darren and Jane now if you have been paying attention you may remember that we had already met.
The slideshow is great and very informative and afterwards Darren and Jane insist that we come back to theirs for a bit before they leave. We get chatting and they tell us about a hobby they have called GeoCaching and sounds a bit like Pokemon hunting but a bit more difficult. Might be best to google it. We then say night night and a final cheerio and no doubt we will se them again somewhere on another trip maybe. As we have a busy day lined up we get the head down and look forward to tomorrow. Well that’s what we intended but somewhere close to us in the camp there are a group who are not following the 10 o’clock rule when all noise must be kept to a minimum as a respect to others. The main culprits are a couple where the woman seems to find everything loud Lenny say’s hilarious and laughs like a person that reacher her alcohol limit long ago.


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