Darwin – Last Day

As this is our last day in Darwin we head up to the city as we want to get in to the waterfront pool with it's huge wave machine which is superb and they also provide free bogie boards and rubber rings to use. We arrive in no time and park on the pier next to where we caught the sunset cruise. It's then a short walk over the walkway to the pool, we waste no time and get straight in. Our timing is great as the wave machine is about to start and we grab a couple of boards and in we go. This thing actually gets pretty rough and creates a few rips as it crashes all over the place. Kaz becomes a hero as a little girl asks her to rescue her brother who really should not have been in that pool when the waves are on let alone without an adult. The mother turns up after the poor boy has been lifted out and cops a bit of a lecture from the lifeguard. The idiot of course ignores the guard and walks off with not a word of thanks to anyone, moron.
Anyway we now take rest and wait for the next wave to start. This time Kaz has a rubber ring, I have nothing and we go further in to the waves and man is it rough. It's also crazy busy with boards, rings and swimmers of all age and size. As Kaz exits she insists I have a go on the ring and as I sit on it the bugger edicts me head over arse and I smash my head on the bottom of the pool which Kaz finds hilarious, I do not as I am convinced I have to be bleeding from a head wound but nurse Kaz says not and we decide to return to our sun beds to dry off in the 32 degree sunshine.

All this exercise has made us peckish and the usual late lunch is on. We tour the waterfront eateries and there are lot's of them. We decide to go Mexican as that is the name given to Victorians up here. To be honest we should have just went to the usual Irish pub and had a pie as the Mexican food was at best average, mine was lukewarm and the waitress obviously forgot she was working today. "How was everything" asks the manager and like cowards we say "lovely" then leg it after paying up.
Amazingly it is after 4.30pm and as we want to get prepared for leaving we get down the highway and back to base to get things ready for departure. We will also stock up on supplies as we are going back in to the bush via Kakadu to stay at the Jabiru Resort for a couple of days before heading for Litchfield Park we have nothing booked and will wing it as usual. The temperature for the next few days is hot so we will be getting toasted as usual. Will update things later as the internet service will disappear no doubt. Comments are welcome should anyone want to.

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