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Well how things change. We did intend leaving Darwin on Tuesday having got our business stuff out the way but we then thought, hang on, this place is really good and the temperature is magnificent, let’s sign up for another week as we have plenty of time. So that is exactly what we did and will now leave here for sure next Tuesday.

On Wednesday we had an Aboriginal tour with a couple of kids, I say kids but the girl was I think 24 but looked like 18 and the boy with her was defo about 17. They have been slowly taking over their family business and the great thing was all monies we and others paid goes directly to the family. The father was/is a Park Ranger as was the Daughter. She was a good laugh as was the boy and quite western in their outlook. They felt free to be asked anything and gave pretty straight and blunt answers. They walked us around the family land pointing out what the various trees and flowers could be used for and we learned how to throw a spear for hunting, (we would have starved) and also play a didgeridoo, well sort of. It was then basket weaving and food bag making class. Kaz was a natural and could be descended from the MacDonald aboriginals of the Northern Territory. It would be an interesting who do you think you are program.
There was also a large billabong on the property which as usual had a 4 and 5 metre crocodile in it so we kept our distance. Northern Territory people keep saying, “it’s only a freshie” in relation to freshwater croc’s as the saltwater croc’s are more dangerous we won’t be taking chances with either. At the end of the tour we were given a damper with tea and coffee and had a meeting with the father and you can immediately see where the kids get their outlook and attitude from. A very funny man with some funny to him stories which although we laughed were thinking wtf?
We left there and headed for Fog Dam (yep, no fog). This is a fantastic wet land, we have never seen so many ducks and geese gathered and expected to bump in to David Attenborough at any moment. We spotted a 4K walk but reckoned we were not prepared for that and decided we would come back with water and better shoe

Friday, we headed back to the Fogg Dam walk. The walk is pretty easy but the forest was dense and dark at times. We managed to be hissed at by a green snake which slithered up a tree and then Kaz spotted a King Brown snake sitting in the stump of a huge tree. This thing was massive and are known to stand up and fight rather than slither up a tree or back off. I braved it and went as close as my shaking legs would take me to get a picture. We continued on and the track became a steel walkway and takes you higher as we get near the wetlands where the Ducks and Geese etc hang out. On the ground below you can see where the wild pigs are destroying all the vegetation as they snort and eat everything in their path. Like all NT water ways there are of course croc’s but luckily we didn’t stumble in to any.
Having survived the walk we, as usual decide to award ourselves and head for the world famous Humpty Doo Hotel for a couple of frothies and having seen some animals it was time to eat some. This place is a must do and we decide we will have the triple burger and fries as everything else is huge. The trio comes as BBC, Buffalo, Barramundi and Crocodile. Like all the other food, all of the burgers are not slider size but full size burgers. We half all of them and get stuck in. All are great and very different but we both agreed that the Crocodile was our favourite. There are some real “characters” in this place and have a Northern Territory look about them as the sum seams to have baked them with hard work and booze killing every part of their poor bones. We head back to the pool as the heat has been turned to full and the pool is the best way of cooling off.

Saturday morning we decide the van could do with a wee clean particularly the awning and spend a couple of hours washing it down. It’s heavy going as it is already 30+ degrees and crazy hot sunshine abounds. We get through it and then, yep, head for the pool to cool off.
Mid afternoon we get a text from Kev & Di wanting to meet us in Darwin as we are heading up to do a Sunset harbour dinner cruise. We meet up and they are brown as berries but we are slowly catching up. Having done our hellos we choose a bar overlooking the waterfront and it’s Champagne for the ladies and Bourbon and coke for the gents. This is the last time we will see them before we leave for Kakadu, the west to WA and they stay in Darwin until September before heading down through the centre and home to Phillip Island, Victoria. They have invited us to visit them when we are down there in January and go out on their boat for some fishing and site seeing.
Time flys and we have to head for the harbour to board the dinner cruise. Our new pals walk with us and it’s photo’s and goodbyes with a promise that we will keep in touch. The cruise was very good and we had a great table and as usual got talking to folks, one guy from Ayrshire in Scotland, now living in Sydney and a couple where the woman’s parents were from Bannockburn. They were from country NSW and had traveled up on the Ghan railway and were flying back to Sydney. She said, she could not rough it by driving whilst living in a caravan. We thought, your travelling on a train luv, pull your head in !! The food arrives and it’s buffet style but the staff come and tell you when it’s your turn to go up and stack your plate. Our turn is pretty early and the spread is pretty good and we scoff on Coffin bay Oysters, prawns, seared beef, smoked fish and a host of other bit’s and salads followed by 4 different desert cakes with fantastic ice cream and fresh fruit. We then headed out on to the upper deck from another amazing sunset which are even now still amazing. We stay outside and have a laugh at the antics and decibels increasing from a group of people having heaps of booze. The cruise finished about eight thirty and it’s only a short 16k drive back to out base which is uneventful. We try not to drive in the dark for fear of hitting anything including people. Kaz receives a text from Diane who had waited for the ship we are on to leave before taking some pic’s and texting them to Kaz.

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