Lazy Sunday for us today. We decided that we would benefit from having a wee rest day. We went off to the local Bakery and grabbed some fresh rolls and cooked up some sausages, mushrooms, bacon and eggs and scoffed the lot washed down with orange juice, tea and coffee.
We had planned to leave here Monday but we have extended this, we have to get some business done with the commonwealth bank and don't want to rush it.

We plan to get to Jabiru in Kakadu on Tuesday which should be easy as it is only 200 kms. We will use this as a base to tour Kakadu park before we move on to Litchfield Park. We had planned a visit to see the Jim Jim falls but apparently the road was washed out a while back and is closed. There are plenty other places to see and do depending on road conditions.

Kaz got a text message from our bestie's Kev & Di lol. They were now in Darwin and invited us to visit. Well if we get any invites we are there with bells on and jump in the car and headed off to the north end of the city. The park they are on is huge and has a lot of live in folks who like it sounds, park a van on site and live there as if it was a regular home. Transient types who work now and again and live pretty chilled out lives. I reckon some of them might do some gardening if you know what I mean. Anyhow we spend a couple of hours with them and as we are close to the city we head back to the Mindel markets for food. Can you believe it, we park the car, a car parks next to us we all get out and it is a couple of people we met at Alice Springs a while back and we were amazed as they were at the coincidence of that. Even meeting them at all but for them to park next to us is crazy.
We head in to the market and Kaz picks up some fancy new thongs and we then pick up some food. Satay chicken skewers and chicken laksa with extra chillies. We then sat on the beach and had the food and that laksa was fantastic. The thought of another sunrise didn't interest us and we head off and let the others take it in.
We get back in no time and both jump in to showers as it is still 30 degrees. We are having seconds thoughts in relation to our travels as we do not want to head south in to the cold. We may try and move somewhere and spend a couple of weeks in the heat and sunshine before we think about heading south.

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