Early night = crap sleep. I think it was the way you know you have set the alarm but you kinda don’t trust it. Anyway got up before the alarm and out the door just after 7am on our way to the fishing boat docked in Darwin. We get up there and we are first and meet Dan our skipper for the trip. He tells us we have to wait as there are another 5 people to come. Then 1 arrived followed by a group of 3. We are now waiting on the one and as we are waiting we see a group of Irish people heading for a party cruise loaded up with booze, complete with stubbies and travellers in hand.
Dan the skipper man phones our 1 and leaves a message. We then head down to the boat for a safety drill etc. We hope that our 1 doesn’t show coz this boat ain’t big and it would give us three a side when fishing. I say safety drill but as the water has crocs in it a life jacket might not help you live. Dan decides we will leave as the wind and tides are on the move so we shouldn’t waste any more time getting out there. We leave our mooring and slowly head out of the bay and in to deeper water before Dan guns it and as the front lifts and dives so we all get an early morning face wash of salt water. Dan is so funny, not. We get our rods baited and cast out to see who would be first to catch the first fish and then the biggest fish of the trip. A guy in the group of 3 pulls in a tiny wee fish which we are not throwing back but will use it for live bait later. Kaz then lands a similar fish and he will also be a live bait fish later. Then I do the same but mine gets chucked back as it is a baby. We stay on this sheltered spot for a bit before we move on to look for the big guys. The tide is still running a bit strong due to the wind but it eventually settles and we are in again. He same guy from the 3 pulls in a fantastic snapper and not to be outdone Kaz pulls in an absolute cracker of a snapper. Superb we now have lunch in the bag. Bit later the older guy from the three gets a bite and hooks on to a massive Jem fish, this thing weighs in at between 10 and 12 kilos and Dan has to grab a hook on a pole to get this one in to the boat before the crocs get it and he does. That fish was easily the largest and best of the day though there were a few young sharks and a couple of cod pulled in.
Me? Yep I caught nothing but my first tiny one and in fact caught the line Kaz was on more than once. It was a great half day trip and we took the snapper Kaz caught and had it for lunch cooked by a local restaurant on the pier. That was the freshest of fish and tasty with it. We had it grilled with fries and a salad, a champagne for the lady and a xxxx scooner for me. We didn’t hang around Darwin, instead went straight back to base for showers and Kaz had a wee sleep. We will have a swim later and then a quiet one and watch the footy, hopefully. Did I say it was hot here, 33 today.

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