A bit of a lie in this morning last night we had that amazing night at the Mindel Markets. The place was packed and nature as usual put on a scene stealer with a stunning sunset. There was food from all over and we could have spent the night making up our mind on what to eat. It has been a while so we grabbed some Chinese which went well with a bottle of champagne.
Having watched the sunset on the beach with a huge amount of people.

Today we headed back to Darwin as we wanted to locate the boat ramp for the fishing and also to visit an exhibition of Darwin when it was attacked by the Japanese. If anyone visits make sure you have a go at the VR headset. The exhibition runs alongside the history of the Royal Australian Flying Doctors Service.
Off on to the pier next as we spotted fab food on offer and fish of course was our choice but the Coffin Bay oysters looks amazing and at $10.00 for half a dozen, a bloody bargain. We will be visiting Coffin Bay later in our travels so will grab some then. The fish as you would expect was as fresh as it gets, we scoffed this down whilst watching a number of boats speed past. There were also a couple of navy destroyers tied up and one was flying a saltire. Not sure why but I guess it may have been built on the Clyde.
Next stop was a pharmacy for Kaz to grab some travel pills to help her as we sail out to the fishing spot tomorrow and then on to the Darwin Museum which was pretty good with. Lot's of history not only of the bombing of the city but also the storm that flattened Darwin. There was also the largest collection of Aboriginal art in the world on show according to the woman at the entrance. All cultured out we decided to get back to base as on the way back from the market last evening the bus driver was giving a tip about seeing some Barra which hang out at the local Howard Springs right next to our park. So off we headed and sure enough there was an amazing collection of fish and some Barra but the were way out in the water but as the sun shines the light catches the silver flash and they are big barramundi for sure. We hope to dine on their relatives tomorrow. Back at the park and tonight is happy hour and cheese put on by the park. Not sure how that makes it happy hour as they only provide the cheese. We decide to give it a miss and provide our own happy hour with wine, Jack Daniels, cheese, salami and crackers. During which we were invaded by a group of 6 hungry peacocks which had not been invited but stuck around anyway. After a long day we reckon a wee night watching the footy would be good and reckon the Geelong game would be on but as we tuned in we got bloody Sydney instead. Oh well an early night will good as we have a busy Day Saturday and it's gonna be HOT.

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