Up and on the road today pretty early as we head off to the Crocodylus Park which is not far from our base. As the name suggests it is a wildlife park who specialise in the crocodile trade, providing leather and leather goods. Here they have some croc’s who have been captured from the wild as well as some who were captive bred. The wild ones are huge and are here because they posed a threat to humans of the stupid variety. Here if a sign does not say you can swim, then you should not swim and some folks can’t get there head round that and go for their last dip. Evidence being the case of a 10 year old boy whose parents could not locate him. Unlucky for him a huge croc could and when the croc was shot and cut opened, there was little Jonny still in one piece swallowed whole by this monster croc. I will spare you the photo of that one.
We both managed to feed a jumping croc some chicken on a pole and witnessed a group of lions being fed small snacks the size of our heads. We took the cruise on to the waterway within the place where there are a group of crocs who seem to get on for now and watched them eating some more chicken. There are also nurseries full of baby crocs who get fed for four years before being fed some electricity and shoe laces. There were also monkeys, emus, kangaroo, wilder beast, meerkats, tigers and all sorts of birds, spiders and reptiles. A pretty good Wee park which was not crazy busy as the Darwin show is on today.
I think I mentioned the Mindil Markets before and got it wrong that we were going there on Tuesday I think but we are defo going tonight bus at 5.15 and return around 9pm. None of us needs to drive so it will be a happy hour tour for sure.
Update, market was great as was the beach and the amazing sunset.
Kaz managed to book a Barra fishing charter for Saturday.

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