We must be getting acclimatised now as the temperature is 33 most of the time though the nights are a bit chilly, getting down to 22. Last nights entertainment was quite good or we are desperate. Either way we got fed and the guitarist/singer was pretty good with lot’s of 80’s stuff and some of the dreaded country music.
Today was a great day, the land cruisers moved out heading for Kakadu. This has left us a missive amount of room and lot’s of peace. Went to the local shopping centre for a haircut for me, bewt cut but $80.00 a bit of a rip off. Oh wait, I forgot that I dropped a $50.00 note on the floor as I walked in. Only found that out when it came time to pay. Kaz had to come and make bail as the Barbour was not about to let me walk out. We went to the centre management and asked if anyone had handed in any money, yes I know. Surprisingly no one had but I did see a local with a slab walking out of the bottle shop.
Anyhow hot again so back to the camp and straight in to the pool to cool off and a wee afternoon of sun baking for Kaz and me washing some of the outback of the Pajero. We already washed some it off the van which was looking a bit second hand and we seemed to have lost one of our nitrogen dust caps luckily only from one wheel. We had booked a mud crab and Barra fishing trip but pick of time was 6am ffs. Kaz decided that her sea legs are not that great neither her sea stomach so we decided to cancel that one. There will be lot’s more fishing opportunities as we travel to the west.
This afternoon the usual begging birds arrived this time the peacocks decided to have first go and we managed to hand feed them which was pretty cool until one of them shat in front of our awning. Who knew that peacock shit was very similar to a puppy crap. Hands in the air please. Next it was the scrub turkey’s or that is what we are calling them. They are pretty laid back and are something that a survivor contestant would kill and eat on site. Tonight it’s Webber time, sliced and roasted spuds with garlic and herbs matched with Jamie chicken and a Darwin salad washed down with a nice Barossa Shiraz, outside of course as the sun disappears leaving with an amazing red glow. You can bet the cork will not be going back in the shiraz.
Kaz is a book hog for sure two books inhaled today.

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