Katherine to Darwin


What a start, up earlyish, all hooked up and on the road to Darwin by 8.15. We are in our stride now with the setting and packing up of the van. An easy three hour road trip today Kaz is today’s pilot of the filthy car and the van is not much better. We will try and give both a wash at some point to get the red earth and dust off.
As we don’t have a long drive, we stop in to the small town of Pine Creek and head for Mayse’s Cafe. What a treat, really clean and the food was top notch with fab coffee. We may revisit this town on the way back south before we head west.
Getting hotter as we drive with the temperature already 30+ and a wee bit hazy sunshine or it might partly due to a burn off happening. There have been bushfire warnings given for the Darwin area and we are staying about 25 kms to the south of the city. We press on and see a sign for a local market and turn off for a visit. Big mistake this as without kidding there would be three stalls and nobody else there. I reckon these folks forgot to go home after the Sunday market. We quickly u-turn and get out of there. A bit further up the road guess wot, yep another market sign and can you believe it, we turn in again as there are a lot of people around but no market!! Once again we get out of there and back on course we decide next stop will be the Big4 Howard Springs.
We arrive after a blooming easy drive and get booked in. We get the usual follow me and this time a quad bike to our allocated spot and it’s a drive through site, so no reversing for Kaz which both Kaz and me are happy about. We set up, this time fully since we will be based here for the week. This includes using the awning fully opened for the first time and a privacy screen bought in Aldi we will add later. Amazing that the people around us all seem to have Lancruise V8’s which come in over 100K plus the huge house on wheels they are towing. We get set up in no time and head for the pool. When we get there we are surprised that there are not many kids in there. They do have another two pools on site, one of which is a splash type play park with water guns etc. anyhow, in we get and the water is absolute bliss having spent a great deal of time in the dust. We have a decent splash about then spot a jacuzzi, it looks like a mirage and as we get in we discover it is a mirage as the water is cold. Cold water in a jacuzzi, well that’s a first but we get chatting to couple of folks doing what everyone else is doing yes, getting some winter heat but these two are not Mexicans but hail from WA and are here till Wednesday before they have to return home. Chat over we make a sharp exit and after a quick change we head to the local stupid market to get supplies. As usual the place has Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, Bunnings, McDonald’s, hungry jack, dominoes etc just like everywhere else. We get in and get out loaded up and wonder where it will all this stuff will go. On the menu tonight will be pizza, cooked on our pizza stone on the Webber BBQ. Tonight will be a quiet one and we will head to Darwin in the morning to hit up some tours and stuff. Our location is great not only for Darwin but also for Litchfield and Kakadu parks so plenty of touring around to be done. As we scoff our pizza darkness starts to fall and out come the local animals with possum Wallaby and Kangaroos, this time live versions. The park also has a group of peacocks so that will be a noisy awakening tomorrow and it’s lights out time 10 pm tonight !!.

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