Today we drove up to Darwin to have a look around the place. An easy drive even though we managed to to go straight when we should have went left to stay on the highway. It worked in our favour though as it avoided the centre and took us along the esplanade which is where we wanted to go in the first place. We also lucked on to our first stop which was the war time oil storage tanks dug out initially by hand before machinery was called in to get things done faster. These were used to hide oil supplies form the Japanese during the bombing of the city. It was interesting to note that the hotel on the point of the harbour was not bombed due to the Japanese using it as a marker point for their bombing raids.
What a great waterfront area Darwin has with a huge swimming pool which has a wave machine and free boogie boards for use. There is also a cruise ship dock and of course high end shopping and a multitude of restaurants and bars. We also had a go on the driverless bus which goes around the area using sat Nav guidance and is battery powered. We used it to be dropped off at a very nice bar restaurant where we fed our munchies with pasta, steak and a couple of coldies.
We thought that we should walk off our lunch so made our way to Mitchell Street which is a well known backpacker area and is choc a block with happy hours and cheap accomodation. Can’t say we were that impressed with it and decided to move on to the parliament and library. The parliament was not in session but we could roam around the viewing chamber and the gardens etc. a very shmick building of course and well looked after by the look of it. The library was, well a library like any other, we didn’t stay here long. We will return here tomorrow by bus to visit the Mindel Markets which is mostly food stalls from the world over and cocktails with the sun setting. There will also be some craft stuff from “the locals” and a bit of music we are told.
We head back to base as the sun is now beating down the usual 30+ and there is entertainment on at the camp tonight. Sausage sizzle and soft drinks for sale, as if.
I think there is a singer supposed to be on as well, probably on of those country buggers no doubt. Anyway we will rock up and give it 5 min’s. Other than that we will have a quiet night as we are again knackered.

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