What a great way to start the day. A buffet breakfast with everything you would want except for the Scottish stuff, square sausage, black pudding, a well fired roll and maybe a we bit of haggis. Strangely there was a dish that looked chicken casserole, I asked what it was and the reply was liver in gravy and very healthy I was told, wtf? We managed to overeat of course then headed out to the Cutta Cutta caves south of the town. As usual the caves were amazing but do not photograph well. They used to be a hang out for Aboriginal people and idiots used to fire guns in there apparently. We spent a good hour there and walked off some of our breakfast.
We left well informed and headed for our next entertainment. This meant driving form the south side of Katherine to the north side to get to Nitmuluk national park which houses the Katherine Gorge. As we head down to the boat area in the trees above there are thousands, yes thousands of bats hanging and of course bat shit every where. Apparently about 7.00pm the sight of them all leaving in to the night sky is something to see but we imagine it will be more shite than sight and decide to give it a miss.
Here we take a boat, in fact three boats to get deeper and deeper in to the Gorge. The trip lasts for four hours with an hour reserved for swimming in Gorge part 2. The other parts have crocodiles in them, no joke as they are pointed out us and we keep moving. There is an active program to catch and then transport these crocs to Darwin and as I said we had just had a big breakfast and would make a great meal for a saltie or fresh water croc. The swimming was just fantastic in 34 degree temperature and the water washed of some of the dust off us. The Gorge is just mental the sheer scales and age of the place is mind boggling. At times it did look like Westfield had opened a shopping centre as the masses gathered to board their allotted boats. We will return here as we head south again from Darwin and go back in to the Gorge for some canoeing action we witnessed.
We head back to our park and think we will treat ourselves as the local restaurant menu and reputation is very good. We head in to reception to book a table and get our 10% off for being guests where we are told it is closed on a Sunday, ffs. Oh well, I knew I made too Much chilli last night, so left overs it is. We get a bit of luck though as we are informed there is entertainment on tonight. We grab a chair and a cold one and race round to witness what looks like a gathering of old people waiting for god to beam them up and the singer (or is it really Elvis), we hope does get beamed up. In any case we can’t hear much above the whistling of the waiting for god massive’s hearing aids. We decide to give it a miss and exit back to the van. We get in to the chilli and dust it off. Darkness has fallen and knackered, we reckon it’s bed time only to find it’s ten past eight lol.
We leave here tomorrow, destination Darwin where we will get fully set up and spend at least seven days touring around the place and soaking up the amazing history the place has as well as some fun stuff like jumping crocodiles etc.
The food in Darwin we have head is really top notch so we will get our noses in a few troughs and work it off on our bikes. We also hope to get both the van and Pajero washed as the red dust is everywhere on both. Ok. So 8.15 now and time for bed, gonna be a nice one with a minimum temp of 16 degrees.


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