Bitter Springs to Katherine


Leaving day arrives and we take it easy due to Katherine only being 100 kms from here. Great not having to drive six hours to our next stop. We arrive at the Riverview Tourist Park which is a Top Tourist site where we get 10% off the same with Big4 parks. We get booked in and as we have had several times now, you follow a person on a moped to your given spot and they then direct you on to the spot taking the bad language and agro out when we do it ourselves. It’s a pretty good park, very close to town but not close enough that it becomes a problem with locals. We get set up and head straight to Katherine town centre which is a wash with locals all in different shapes and sizes, yet all use the same deodorant which ran out 10 years ago I suspect. This is not a place to get mouth to mouth should you need it. We get in to the Tourist information office to get the good oil and book a couple of items.
We then head in to the local Country Club for a nose and as the Katherine Show is on with whip crackin, horse riding, rodeo and all that good country cowboy stuff on, the place looks like filming is due to start on a magnificent 7 remake. We spot an interesting sign buffet breakfast Sunday morning. So tomorrow we will do a smorsborg breakfast here before heading to the Cutta Cutta caves then take a cruise along the Katherine Gorge which includes swimming, we hope without crocodiles.

Later we return to the van and get dinner prepared before walking down to the hot springs for a dip. Now, had we not been to the hot springs at Bitter Springs then these would have been fantastic but compare the two and Katherine’s are sadly lacking. The setting, temperature and the fact that it all looks a bit dug out and not natural like Bitter Springs does not help. I don’t see us going back there anytime.

It’s a noisy night in camp as there are fireworks from the show, a woman yapping and laughing like a witch and also the local speedway is on so the noise of country racing is going on full blast. The current temp is 22 degrees and it is going to be a warm night.

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