Bitter Spings


Since we have enjoyed this place we decide to stay another night and enjoy some more swimming in the hot springs, the great heat and sunshine. I can get the GoPro camera out and have some more practice filming. The video this thing captures is amazing, I will try to add a wee video if I find time, lol.
Today we will be doing nothing, Kaz will read another book or two in a day and we will go for a swim a couple of times. Kev and Diana have compiled a list of things they recommend we do as we continue on our travels on Saturday. We will head to Katherine which is not far north. They have been round Australia several times and the list includes tours, parks, restaurants, museums and a whole heap of other stuff. They will stay in Bitter springs for a few more days before heading north and then west to WA.
We enjoy a few swims and meet a few other travellers at the springs who provide so much priceless information and love our Scottish accents even though we repeat quite a lot of what we are saying. Unusually we get talking to a couple who are not from Victoria and if fact are from Brisbane. They are both Poms but have lived in Australia for a number of years and we reckon they are quite posh and are no doubt travelling in a luxurious motor home or big bus but they could easily be in a tent.

We return last nights invite to Kev and Di for sunset cocktails which they accept though our nibbles are very much lacking compared to theirs. A bag of chips and a two dollar dip. Kev is an ex fisheries exec and Di owned and ran a hairdressers on Philip Island but they have both retired and are only in their mid fifties. They provide us with their emails and mobile numbers if we need any advice or get in strife as we travel. We will no doubt bump in to each other along the way as they are following our path north then west to WA. Classic stuff, exchanging details and promises to catch up. The pic’s here are random as we didn’t take any today. The car with boat on the roof is Kev and Di’s set up.


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