Ti-Tree to The Devils Marbles


Morning dawns and we are up and have a look outside and there’s Mick and dog still sitting there exactly where they were when we did lights out. Still no tent and we assume there must be a swag we cant’s see.
We get going, a pretty easy drive today up to the Devils Marbles with Kaz at the wheel. We will stop in at the UFO capital of Australia which is a town called Wycliffe. I say town but it turns out to be just a fuel stop/Roadhouse and nothing else. We decide to FO ourselves and get back on the road after taking a few pic’s of Kaz and her twin.
In no time we arrive at the Marbles site and happy days, there is loads of space and we face straight on to one of the rock formations and get set up pretty quick. This place is amazing and really cheap $3.30 per head per night and the usual honesty box. Webber on and it’s a treat tonight steak, onions with stir fried veggies by yours truly, with Kaz giving some helpful comments and advice, lol. We have a good walk round the entire sight which is not that big. On the way we meet a girl who offers to take a rare pic of both of us. Turn out she is working with a company and liaising with the local Aboriginal people to work out how best to bring a pipeline through their land. We take in the sunset over the Marbles but to be honest we were not that impressed. We reckon it’s the Uluru effect that you can’t match. A bit later we are sky watching and witness a shooting star, very cool.
As we bought a new table we put our old one out in front with a free sign on it. Within minutes a woman who turns out is from Williamstown grabs it for her kids to use for writing and we are free from that table which we have hated since we bought it. She is on her way to Darwin with family in tow having quit their jobs and hit the road and plan to try and get work in Darwin and might actually live there.
We turn in as we have long drive tomorrow heading for the famous Daly Waters.

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