Marbles to Daly Waters


We get woken pretty early by folks on the move the couple next to us were leaving and heading home to Brisbane. This suits us as we will be covering about 6 hours today. We get going and as it is early we see the road kill numbers increase with amazingly 5 cows and a couple of foxes wiped out. The only stop we plan is for breakfast at the Three Ways Roadhouse who have the hottest coffee and bacon and egg rolls you will ever consume. The three ways road is north to Darwin, South for Adelaide or East to Queensland. The drive is uneventful, the only deviation we make is in to the town of Newcastle Waters only because it gets a mention in the tour been we reference a bit. The town is a ghost town which oddly has more in it than a lot of the so called towns we have gone through. Like so many it was once on the lucrative stock route and was mapped by Mr Stuart as usual. Unfortunately like some gold rush towns the herd moved on and the place was deserted. We take a drive through and it looks like a movies set but no one around, very strange. We take a couple of pic’s and get back on the road, we’re not too far from Daly Waters and get there in no time. The place is extremely busy and we score a great spot set up and head straight for a cold one. We don’t have Much cash with us and when we get in to the bar we are informed that the eftpos system is down. This not good for several reasons, we need to fuel up, eat and more importantly have that cold one. Luckily there is a cash machine and we quickly attempt to get cash and the machine is not working due to having ran out of money!! We report this to the staff who open up the machine and replenish said monies. We jump in first as there is a large line forming and we decide to take out double our intended amount as the system is down along the entire highway apparently. This pub is pretty famous and has the now usual knickers, bra’s business card, bank notes form every country, dolly student I’d cards and a host of other stuff like sports tops. We get chatting to a couple from Philip Island and end up having a meal and drinks with them for the rest of the night. BBQ Beef and Barra is on the menu and is a legend dish in the this place. There is also supposed to be entertainment which turns out to be not one but two country singers, torture.
Kevin and Di give us a tip when travelling to our next stop of Mataranka where we were heading for the hot springs in Mataranka itself but they said miss that one and head through the town and head for Bitter Springs which has a more natural feel to it and is lesser known but twice as good as our intended destination. After the long drive and a good feed it is lights out and no movie night.

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