Daly Waters to Bitter Springs


We rise a bit later today as we only have 185 kms to do and take it easy and get fuelled up before making a start. We decide to take advice when given and will head for Bitter Springs, we reckon we might stop in Mataranka to do the cassette thing but we get on WikiCamps and having read the reviews decide to give that one a miss and speaking to Kev later that day, who did do the cassette thing we made a wise choice. The drive up in uneventful so we arrive fresh and head straight to check in and get the choice of a few different places and pick a fab drive through site with our awning facing south so plenty of sunshine and currently a 32 degree day beautiful.
Our travelling mates are waiting on us and take us down to the hot springs and I don’t have the vocabulary to describe this amazing place. Stuff it let’s have a go. It is part of the tropical forest, sits in the Elsey National Park which has the Roper river flowing through creating wetlands and thermal springs. The water is crystal clear has a temperature of 34 degrees and to swim in it or just let the very slow flow drift you down to a bridge where you walk round and do it all again is bliss. We had to the shop and hire a couple of noodles which we can float on. These are very cheap at $5.00 dollars and when you take it back they give you a $4.00 refund no matter how many days you had them.
We get back to the springs for a float. in the afternoon a car load of Japanese ladies arrive complete with make up on and blow up a huge floating pink flamingo which takes up the entire width of the springs and were not making people feel very relaxed but we found it quite funny. We return to the van to have a wee spruce up, we have been invited to drinks, nibbles by Kev and Di, we will be there with bells on. We have a couple of drinks and are joined by a group of small Wallabies out for an evening feed. They are very jumpy (pun intended) as the park allows dogs and there are a few around. After an hour or so we leave the get together as the nibbles are done and oddly enough a light was not put on even though we are sitting in the dark. Kaz reckons it was to allow us to star gaze which as usual is not difficult to do in the Northern Territory. Movie night is back on and we manage one episode and give in, late night this one asleep by 9.30 turning in to pensioners for sure.

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