Alice Springs to Devils Marbles via Ti-Tree


Busy day ahead, so out of bed early and van packed up, hooked up and ready to roll by 8.00 am. We are heading to JC Caravans in Alice Springs to get the first service done on the van. Should be at 1000km but we have driven about 4500 km JC could not care less. JC’s is a husband and wife team, the wife is a straight talker and immediately gives us a row for having a few things not done correctly but sees were green and takes us under her wing. JC, says unhook it and leave it, we will call you when ready, sweet.
We head off looking for a camping supplies gaff as our table we bought years ago has finally delivered it’s last pain and we will replace it. We put the address of a place which looks the goods, only to find we not only have passed it several times but the bloody building Is bright orange. We dive in for a table and as usual come out with our favourite thing, chairs. We need wee ones as the big ones are best if we are based somewhere for a few days. Job done and it’s off to the local Coles for supplies as we will be free camping for the next few days. It’s no big surprise but there are a lot of Aboriginal people around but seem in a work of their own and pay no attention to us. We intended to by some more booze but you can only get it between 2pm and 9pm. We exit Coles and next stop is Repco as JC’s told us to buy grease for our tow ball which had non on it and importantly remove the pin from the ball lock. Why Jayco don’t tell you this will remain a mystery.
Happy to be supplied up we head north and are a wee bit sorry to be leaving as this was a great stop.
On the way wee see a giant sculpture of The Big Man and as we stop to have a look we see (according to the guy in the shop) there is also a giant “Sheila” sculpture. These were created by a local artist who now lives in Alice Springs. They are both massive and we reckon they might be Scottish as they have nothing on underneath. We head in to the usual wee shop and always make the effort to buy something and say hello.
We are heading for the Devils Marbles but we make a stop at Ti-Tree, about halfway. This is a free camp in the town which has a shop and nothing else and I mean NOTHING else. There a few car loads of Aboriginal people kicking about and I hope I won’t have to use the Mallorca malky when darkness falls. So far there about 6 groups here but that will increase i think. Webber on and it’s time to eat. Word has spread as a local dog, 1 of three so far rocks up and sit’s with us trying to get lucky. Small cattle type dog, no collar but looks well fed. It puts on the poor me eyes and sucker Kaz gives in and it gets a bit of food. We get everything ready for the second part of the road to the Devils Marbles which is another 250 km. Oh and 30 degrees and sunny today, gee it’s tough in the NT.
A bit later a ute drives on to the camp/ paddock a single guy with a dog, Kaz immediately calls him Mick (Wolf Creek) he has no tent or van and lights a campfire and parks himself and dog in front of it.

We are using our solar panel and onboard water tanks for the next few days as we will be free camping. We will take about 8 days to make our way lazily to Darwin. We get indoors as we watch another sunset, tonight is movie night from the hard drive plugged in to the TV, Vikings box set. Never seen this as we saved it for this very occasion.

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