Day – 15 – Alice Springs Big 4


The day we have been looking forward to arrives, free pancake breakfast. We are a bit tired this morning as last night about 3 AM we awoke, well Kaz woke first then woke me up with “did you hear that noise.” I say “no I was asleep” we listen and then I hear the noise and it’s not Mick, it’s the blooming awning having a wee flap as the wind increased. Should we put it down? No, it’s 3 AM but by 4AM we say stuff it if we wake anyone and the awning is down and packed away.
We had planned an early start in the morning as we intended to head to the Alice Springs Desert Park but we wake up at 7.45 and decide to take it easy and head for pancakes with all the trimmings, maple syrup, cream, butter, sauces, tea and coffee. As get there we can see the line and tag on and meet a couple more Victorians up enjoying some heat. The record for pancakes made is 920 and the record for most eaten by a Men is 14 and a Women is 9. Now how these people managed to get more than one is beyond us as the line we thought was long is now like someone is giving away dollars. We decide one is enough and move on.
We head for the Desert park about 15 minutes away. This place sit’s on a 54 hectare site with 3km of walking tracks. Really worth a visit and has my favourite the Thorny Devil. We start with the bird show and Kaz nearly lost her nose as a couple of birds do some low passes. We take in some living Kangaroos, dingo, snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions and the Bilby as well as others. This is all with the amazing backdrop of the MacDonnell Ranges. All seen and ticked off, we exit throughout, yes the gift shop. Thinking ahead for a change this morning we decide we will pack a lunch and find a suitable spot when needed. There is no shortage of places to choose from and we settle on the Simpson Gap which is pretty close and is the now usual chasm cut through the rock with a water hole at the entrance. We do the walk then it’s chat and chew time on a nice big rock. As we are eating we get lucky and spot a couple of rock wallabies also having a chew but on spinaflex grass and we end up with some neat shots of them with no one else around.
Kaz decides that today we will do a ride on a camel and we head out to the camel farm just out of Alice. Marcus has been a camelear for many years and strangely I can see some resemblance in his nature and look to his herd. We get put on a camel called Mohammad (yep not going there), who is really placid until it’s time to stand up he makes a crazy roar and I would guess like us all he don’t like the idea of going to work. When a camel stands up it’s a bit like a roller coaster as it’s rear goes high in the air and we are scared of face planting, then the front lifts and we are now pretty high off the ground but comfy. It’s pretty hot (sorry) as we take off and gently stroll around for an hour with Mohammad’s mate deciding he not only had to have number ones but also a wee drop of number two’s neither us or Mohammad are happy and hold our collective breaths as we sail on. The entire trip is about an hour and passes really quickly and is certainly worth doing.

We head back, get tea on and start to pack up as we have to leave tomorrow unfortunately. A funny thing happened in camp when Kaz was asked to return the flying fox rope to a six year old who couldn’t reach it amazingly Kaz could. We will be getting the van serviced in Alice before heading north on our next leg.

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