Day – 14 – Alice Springs Big 4


Well what a day this will be as the annual Camel Cup race meeting is on and can you believe it, the meeting is held across the road from the Big 4 and we can walk to it no worries. Just over the Todd river which has not one drop of water in it. Kaz get’s a big washing on hangs it out and we get our best country gear on for the cup and as we head over our next doors decide to walk with us. We get to the gate and it’s heaving looks more like a Ute muster than a race meeting. We stroll up to pay in and the eftpos line is huge as the machine is on dial up, we decide to go cash which leaves us $10.00 for bets we reckon. Kaz jumps on the merchandise stand and turns out we can get cash out which we do and bet’s are back on. Only problem here is there in no betting area? What the? The only gambling we do is for the duck race which is mental. You buy a ticket for $5.00 for which you get a plastic duck with a number on it. Said ducks numbering about 250 are placed in to a cement truck which is loaded with water. When the gun goes off the mixer turns, water and ducks flow down hill and the duck which gets to the bottom first wins. Now i am not saying it was rigged but I swear our duck didn’t go in to come back out. Th first camel race is ready to run, there are about six runners, yes camels run, who knew? and there off, within seconds it’s all over and the winner is announced. Funny before it ran they told everyone exactly which name would win and were bang on. We grab a couple of cold ones as the sun is heating up and head to the food area and but a Great Dane size hotdog. Thank fully we are wise and only buy one and split the beast between us. All the food and drinks on offer seemed really cheap and great value. We dined on the dog and decided that as a lot of park people were here that we would sneak back and get ourselves a nice quiet swim in the pool. Very wise move that and the 27 degree water is ours for the taking with only a few brats to push out the way. Refreshed we escape just before the masses arrive back and kid chaos returns. We get back and it’s apple vodkas and snack time as the sun sets over the park and our bird pet returns for more treats. A great day had and no driving for either of us.

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