Day 13 – Alice Springs Big 4


Friday morning and it’s another cracker sunshine and heat. Today we have a lazy get up then cook breakfast on the Webber, then it’s on the road for a bit of sightseeing. The choice is bewildering and we decide on Standley Chasm which is still owned and run by the Aboriginal people who retain it as a cultural site. It’s an easy drive to get to, is as usual spectacular and is a pretty easy walk. We don’t hang around, get back on the road heading for the Ellery Creek Big Hole. Now looking at the map it seemed pretty close and we spoke to our site neighbours who said it is a sealed road in to it. We drove for about 60 k’s before the got to the turnoff and as we turned in the road turned in to a quarry of big, small and sharp stones. This would last for two k’s before we finally made it puncture free. The place was covered with every 4 x 4 you could imagine as well as a couple of non 4 x 4 types, obviously hired. We walked down and an absolute stunning scene opened up before us. The big hole in question is a natural waterhole perfect for swimming with no crocs and was/is something to see. There were a few folks braving a foot paddle then a couple of absolute nutters rocked up, stripped down to swimmers and dived in to the freezing water. The lady seemed to be faking enjoyment whilst her partner who I thought must have big cahonas sounded like he was about to die and would have very much smaller cahonas when he got back out. We took in the scenery for a bit and made our way back to base camp where tonight’s entertainment is byo drinks and the park supply cheese and crackers where you can have a chat and chew with all sorts. We get up there and reckon we were in the wrong place as there was not a big crowd gathered. We spot the cheese etc and get stuck in. There are a couple of presenters there chatting about the history of the area and places to visit. We get in tow with a group from country Victoria who are a real laugh particularly the women, one who is an absolute cracker with no off button or cares. We as usual hear how we have amazing accents and that everyone in the group has Scottish ancestry. Before we know it the night is done cracker women takes some snaps including group photo and we head back to the van after a great wee evening. Kaz cooks up a wicked stir fry and we sit around under the stars before, yep bed time.

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