Day – 12 – KCS to Alice Springs


Thursday dawns and we are leaving the station heading for Alice Springs we packed up quite a lot of stuff yesterday and waste no time getting the van ready then going through our checklist. Oh and the spuds? We dragged them out of the ash opened them up and they have been cremated and are now burnt golf balls. Scottish teeth would have no chance on those bullets so in the bin they go. We decide to fuel up, we reckon we will take about 6 hours to get to Alice Springs. We split the driving with Kaz doing early shift and me the second leg. If you are reading this you will know that we have managed to find a reception spot for the net and must be close to a town, probably Alice. Our phones start going off with text messages, Facebook, missed calls, phone messages what’s app and emails. We stop and catch up on some business and grab a bite to eat and who do Wee meet again? Yep truck family.

It’s a stunning morning crazy blue sky, clear and 23 degrees and no wind which is the main thing we do not want is a head wind which can eat up a lot of fuel. As we get close to Alice Springs a guy coming in the opposite direction is waving like a man possessed and flashing his lights. We decide to leave the road completely and see what happens for a minute. Turns out that was a great decision as a whole heap of flashing lights appear in front covering both lanes of the highway which would have forced us off the road if we had not done so already. Then we see why as a gigantic truck speeds down the road with the biggest digger ever seen on the back and we guess it must be from a mine. Once we get back on the road we arrive in to Alice and head straight for our digs which is the big 4 MacDonnell ranges. As we approach we see the now usual line up of vans in all shapes and sizes waiting to book in. We waste no time in getting business sorted and head in to find we have a fab site with great folks around us and close to everything needed. One family next to us are from Point Lonsdale and another from Fern Tree Gully, Victorians loving the 23 degrees and sunshine. Have to say, this park is the best so far spotless with great facilities and entertainment every night. Tonight there is a John Williams type guitarist.
We set up and hug it out after our usual reversing fun and bad language. We decide to head in to town before it gets dark to stock up on food and alcohol. We arrive at the local Coles which is very busy and there is a policeman outside the bottle shop. We hope we are allowed to buy booze but I think it’s because the Aboriginal people are nor allowed to buy any. We get a slab of Corona and make it to the car intact, now dark we head back to our security entry only park and breath out. We have been told by the staff to ensure we lock everything up, everything. Some kid had his expensive trainers stolen allegedly whilst on the jumping pillow and a women had her knickers stolen from her washing line, again allegedly. Just to be sure we hide our booze and hope for the best.
Time has flown and we grab our drinks, snacks and head in to the John Williams guy, who goes by the name of Skippy. Turns out to be a great night with all the Australian classics which mostly becomes a singalong to the likes of True Blue, I am we are, all Australians and Give me a home among the gum trees. Skippy is also a photographer by day and runs a collection of his pic’s on a big screen on the stage. When done we bypass Skippy’s CD’s on offer and head straight to bed knackered.

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