Day – 11 – Kings Creek Station


Wednesday morning and we are up early with our planned walk and helicopter flight booked for 4 pm and no need to hunt firewood as we still have last nights unused stack unless it gets nicked before we return. We head out of camp and are on our Rim Walk by 9am, the Start is pretty hard going and begins with about 400 steps. The beauty of that is we get pretty high and are rewarded with some amazing views.
The walk is made up of hard rocks in all shapes and sizes but is mostly easy to walk on. We are amazed that people are getting so close to the edge of what would be a very pain full drop and recovery of your broken up bones. The sun is up and it gets warm pretty quickly. We would definitely recommend this if anyone gets up here it is a must stop and do. We complete the entire thing in just over 3 and a half hours including a wee snack stop. On returning to the car park we are glad we did it early as there are a load of tour buses here now and it is gonna be a busy afternoon here. We don’t hang about and get back in good time to get ready to take our helicopter trip.
We get to the chopper area just in time to see it take of and we wonder how long it would be before it returns. Well we waited about 30 minutes and Chris the pilot later explained that he had to stop to drop of supplies to a climbing group who were deep in the bush. The temperature is about 23 degrees and the usual bright sunshine and we get the choice of leaving or removing the doors to the helicopter and decide to go full skippy and take them off. Kaz in the back might choose to leave them on next time as the wind is blowing her hair all over the place. I am in the front with the GoPro and my only worry is falling out as Chris swerves about and banks round on the hunt for wildlife. Apparently there are wild camels, horses, kangaroos and brumbies around. We only see a couple of brumbies and wondered if Chris has these chained to the ground for tourists. The scale of the country is amazing from about 3500 feet and we can see Mount Conner, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the distance, we have named Mount Conner, Fulluru as it is very easy to mistake it for Uluru as you drive. We fly over the Rim Walk we had just completed and get a real sense of the size of the place.
We head back to station and crack open a couple of coldies and decide to get the fire going early as we have spuds wrapped in foil to go in for tea time and chicken skewers on the Webber for starters. A nice bottle red gets opened and as the sunsets we are very happy bunnies. As the sun goes down the night sky puts on a show of the brightest stars, like just packed full and let’s you know again how small we are. By now we are ready for those baked spuds and as we drag one out and cut in to it, the bloody thing is as raw as when it when in and we decide we will leave them to Cook on and recover them in the morning and head to bed.

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