Day – 10 – Kings Creek Station


Today Tuesday we have decided to take it easy and have a little lie in, cruise through the day whilst getting some chores done. When we eventually surface, most of the camp is empty as folks have moved on to their next stop. Kaz gives the inside of the van a good clean and grabs the chance to get a washing done and hung out before the next wave of new folks appear. I get the Webber going and it’s bacon rolls and hot tea/coffee all round.
In the afternoon we go up to Katherine Springs and complete the a walk of an easy 2.5 k’s. Tomorrow we will return and take on the harder Rim Walk of 7.5 k’s. There is also a 2 day walk where you camp overnight but we will not be taking up that challenge. On the way back we get our wood hunt going and head back to camp as we want to take a helicopter trip before days end. As we pull in to the station and see the helicopter it looks like it has an oil leak and the pilot is working below it but on closer inspection it is having a service done complete with oil change. We head over to the service servo and fuel up again $1.98 a lire for diesel and then drop in on the horses and camels and give them a bit of a feed. A very strange thing to see is a baby camel, a bit like a Shetland pony is too a horse, sort of. The wave of new arrivals is happening and we unload our wood stack ready for tonight’s fire and sit back to watch the action of people setting up camp either with tents or trailers or vans.
Suddenly we hear a couple of spits of rain on the awning and an increase in wind and make a fast job of getting our stuff under cover and the awning dropped and the dust blows up and then the rain arrives and some poor people who are in the middle of setting up tents get a good drenching. Guess no fire tonight for us. Instead we plug our hard drive in to the TV and it’s movie night. Note that we have been off grid for days now with no internet or phone service and no TV reception. If this was an Australian jail the prisoners would be rioting but we are enjoying nett free living.
We watch 2 movies and hell it’s almost 9pm and sleep time. There is not a sound as we get the lights our for another silent nights kip.

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