Day – 6 Kulgera Roadhouse to Uluru

Well we had 10 minutes to go and we would have made it to the Kulgera Roadhouse but the highway was stopped both ways due to a road resurfacing crew working. Luckily or not we were the first in line and had a good chat with Mick the stop go guy. We asked that when they let the traffic go through eventually to make sure our north bound lane goes first. He told us a funny story of how as they use radios to communicate, he was standing in for the usual guy called Jim, the guy at the other end was called Mick. The boss then said let them through Mick and of course both Mick’s let both north and south lanes through and chaos reigns. Strangely Mick thought this was hilarious. Guess you had to be there.
Anyhow, we sat there for a good 25 min’s and then drove in to the still loose tar and chips and the noise was not good and we thought the caravan would just be covered in crap. We booked in to the Roadhouse and checked it out, it was bad but as we were first through it could have been worse.

The Roadhouse is packed and again power only, no water, so we use our tanks again and our solar is getting fully charged withe sunshine all day should we need it. We headed in to the Roadhouse pub which is just fantastic. A real character behind the bar hyper due to it being crazy busy but just full of one liners. We lucked out and got front row stools for his performance and then happy hour arrived. We both ordered the special which was flat tails. He had forgot to write head on the menu. (that does not seem funny but the delivery was great). Oh and the flat tails were just fantastic.
The pub is covered in all sorts of crap from nanas autographed nickers to hats and bra’s of every colour shape and size. Kaz is invited to leave her bra but declines the offer. There are quite a few local people buying grog and seem pretty friendly and happy, probably due to the grog intake. We say our goodbyes and head back to the van, the temperature at night is pretty cold about 4 degrees but our luckier blanket is keeping us toastie warm and we sleep like logs.

We have a Japanese 4 X 4 club behind us, I say Japanese but I think they are from Melbourne. They seem to have everything you would need if North Korea were to deliver any gifts. We would liked to have been invited for dinner as their kitchen set up and ordered way of doing things was very impressive and they could have filmed iron chef with these guys. It was cleavers chopping anything in site, the poor veggies had no chance.

Up early this morning and get the bacon and coffee going. The mass exodus has already begun but we take no part in that and stay chilled and relaxed as people are rushing round packing up and moving on. We fuel up again and go through our checklist and head out for a relatively short 350 k’s to Uluru where we will be based for the next three nights and that should be a real highlight as the skies have been so clear at night so views and sunrises and sunset’s should be great.

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