Day – 5 Coober Pedy to The Kulgera Roadhouse

Having had a great night at the pub with a couple of guys from Bendigo playing guitars and singalong music we were up early and packed up ready to go, water tanks topped up, assisted by the Jayco massive again, cassette thing done and fuelled up. We then noticed what looked like a thin stick stuck to our windscreen but this was no stick it was a huge crack in the screen, ffs, not happy. Called our insurance company after phoning several as we forgot who we were insured with. Turned out it was Dodo, yep I know quite apt. They said $600 excess and told us where to go in the town. We went round there and yep they didn’t have a screen for the Pajero coz ours has rain sensors. Nearest place that has one, Alice Springs 700k’s north!! Now we are heading there but that won’t be there for another 8 days. We thought we better call ahead and get the only screen for our car available anywhere booked and held till we get there. Call made no worries and only $450.00 yep only. That is a lot of happy hour beer but at least we won’t use our excess. We now have crack watch until it is replaced.

Wasted 2 hours sorting that shit out, we had to hug it out when done and finally hit the road heading for Kulgera Roadhouse which is the first pub in the Northern Territory heading north and the last if heading south. It get’s a real good name and has been recommended for it’s food and pub with entertainment. We will be here for one night before we head off to see Uluru. Short drive today only 400k’s Kaz doing the driving again. So far we have spotted emu’s, a huge eagle 🦅 which looked like it could lift a small child and the usual dead kangaroos. We no doubt will eat some roadkill tonight. We are currently following a truck motor home thing which is towing a Toyota Land Cruiser on a trailer. There are some very big grey nomad set up’s around and they love giving out the good oil. Some of them are Jayco massive people. Good news for us is the temperature is getting nicer as we drive in the ☀️ getting in the 20+. We will have a Wee stop in Marla, cup of tea and a bite before heading over the border in to the Northern Territory and another state ticked off.

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