Day 4 – Coober Pedy

As we were staying in Coober another night the idea was to have a bit of a lie in. Early leavers of the camp put paid to that – it certainly got the camp talking……..Anyway up and out busy day ahead. First stop the info centre to get the self guided tour info.
1. Underground caves at the underground hotel. Temp doesn’t get below 21 or above 25 degrees
2. Josephine’s Art gallery had a visiting aboriginal artist Tommy Craw. The gallery also doubled up as a wildlife rescue sanctuary out the back. We went through to feed and cuddle the Roos . Bella was the boss yet still wanted a cuddle. They have 4 adults and 4 babies at the moment. We looked at the artwork and picked the painting Tommy was working on, after photos and chats about Scotland and a donation for the Roo’s upkeep we left to the next stop.
3. Faye’s unground home. A fascinating story of how it toook 3 woman 10 years to dig out and finish the 3 Bed house. It even had an entertainment room complete with bar, pool table and swimming pool. Definitely worth a visit.
4. Serbian underground church see photos.
5. We then head up the Stuart highway to Toms working Opal mine. We set off on the self guided tour, kitted out with hard hats and ultra violet torch. We went on the bosun chair and did some divining with rods( yes they totally crossed at the seam with opals) kept going down to see where they were still mining. Hard graft you would want to find a lot of Opals to make it worthwhile. Next chamber we were shown how to make pipe bombs🔥all the Health and Safety ……… went out the window. Headed back up to fresh air then off to the next stop.
6. The Breakaways amazing and vast area which, over 70 million years ago was covered by the sea. It is sacred to aboriginal culture If you look closely at the photos you can see the two dogs in the rock. It changed colour so many times even in the short time we were there. We Headed round to the Moon plains and the dog fence ( longer than the Great Wall of China) Lot’s of movies filmed here. A permit needed to enter Breakaway conservation area
7. Back to the park in time for Pizza and Happy Hour🍺🍷🍺🍷Happy Birthday Steve

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