Day 3 & 4 Warren Gorge to Coober Pedy

Kaz was glad that morning arrived and more importantly the Pajero starting with no issues. No need to get Jimmy Bruce and his jump leads this time. Today is my turn to drive and it looks like a bit of a long one. First we do the usual fuel stop and after a few k’s turned right on to the Stuart highway. Google maps then says stay on this road for 550 k’s and your destination is on the right, only in Australia. This must be the longest straightest road on the planet, overtaking and being overtaken is so easy as you can see or kilometres ahead. Usual dead kangaroos and this time a couple foxes and a sheep that looked like it was about to explode. We finally arrived at the site that would be home for a couple days power only and we have to use our water tanks in the van. There was a huge line of vans waiting to book in and the place Is packed. Some dude and family rocked up on the chance he could book a spot and was told to jog on. We seem to have great neighbours, a nice older couple, where the old boy seems to be doing everything from set up to cooking dinner, bit like me I suppose. The other, a huge rig and nae weans who are very quiet. We have defo picked the right Van for this trip withe solar power and water, oh and cassette has now been christened and there is no going back. Beer o’clock has arrived and we seem to be the only ones in t shirts and shorts, well it’s sunny and we are Scottish so that is considered a heatwave. Everyone else looks like they are about to climb Everest with all the gear that are wearing. (Update) – turns out Everest were on the money and we are now rugged up as the temp has dropped like a brick as the sun sets.

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