Day 1 – Geelong to Mildura

Bit of a change at the last minute and decided to head for Mildura.

Well after aiming to leave at 8.00 am got on the road at 9.15 even with Kaz reversing the Pajero in to the caravan, luckily she only hit the a frame, she might get me next time, watch this space. Oh and eh kin freezing this morning. Had to scrape the windscreen of ice. We then tried to load the bikes on to the rack, did we practice, no we didn’t, well how hard can it be?? turned out a real puzzle but google to the rescue and the buggers were loaded. A quick teary goodbye from Kaz to Max & Shana and we were off.

After a fair few k’s we stopped and had a look at the artwork on the silo’s next to a wee cafe thing in Lascelles at the drovers hut. Full of various home made type stuff which is designed to get you to take a break. Our next stop was to drop off our fruit as you are not allowed to go any further or you could cop a $600 fine. Bananas were expensive a while back but that would be painful.
We were making great progress but as we rounded a bend to exit a small town boom cop’s on the road with the breath test. Strangely some dude walked up to the test cop’s and asked if they would breath test him to see if he was ok to drive? he had stopped just b4 the line. They told him to drive up and take his chances…..Nutter.

So after 550 k’s we arrived at the Deakin, yep Deakin Big 4 on Deakin Avenue!!
Checked in and straight to the pub. I said to the bar man how did the fight go on TV? Yeh, we had a few in for it, I meant did the Ozzie win genius, lol. Most folk in the bar by this time were fully pissed as farts and looked like they couldn’t fight sleep. We asked about meals in the restaurant area and were told best to book! Straight up there was no one in there. Fair play hunger makes good kitchen but the food was pretty good. We scoffed it and made for Journey towers for the night.

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